Initially Lipke searched Riga for places to accommodate the saved people. When it became too dangerous, he decided to take the fugitives across Daugava to his house in Ķīpsala and to hide them in a specially built underground bunker in a shed.
    In the period of time from 1942 to 1944, it served as a haven for 8 – 12 people, who were supplied with food, clothing, warmth, light, even radio set and weapons. As soon as the place turned out to be too small to shelter all the saved ones, Lipke organized their transportation 80 km away to the Dobele rural municipality, where, with the help It is known that of his loyal men, he accommodated and hided 36 people. The groups of fugitives in the Ķīpsala bunker gradually changed.
Žanis Lipke
The underground bunker where the saved Jews were hiding.

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Lipke family's house with courtyard, 1943- 1944.
Johanna Lipke
Zigfrīds Lipke

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