Riga ghetto
    Vicegerent of Baltic lands and Byelorussia (Ostland) – Himbah Loze announced the guidelines of the Jewish matter on July 27, 1941. In order to ensure superintendence over the Jews, they had to be assembled in some special areas where ghettos should have been established and leaving these territories - prohibited.
    The place selected for Riga ghetto was the Latgale suburb district. The streets that marked the border of the ghetto were Maskavas, Vitebskas, Žīdu, Līksnas, Lauvas, Lazdonas, Lielā Kalnu, Katoļu, Jēkabpils and Lācplēša. Over 7 thousand inhabitants of other nationalities were shifted to the apartments in other parts of Riga. More than 23 thousand Jews living in Riga were ordered to move in the ghetto, so there were 29 thousand Jews altogether.
Entrance gate to the Riga ghetto. AP - guard posts.
Entrance gate to the Riga ghetto. AP - guard posts.
Statue of Death in the burned down St.Peter Church. Riga, July 1941.

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